Whether it’s in your home, office, RV, vehicle, boat or aircraft – our expert upholstery techs can do all needed interior upholstery repairs, refurbishing, dyeing, applying protection guard or dyeing to restore and or change the color.

If you are concerned about your brand new car becoming destroyed from the roads and environment. We have the perfect solution. We can coat your vehicle in an almost invisible film made from urethane. This particular film is called Paint Protection Film“Clear Bra”. With our experience and  comprehension of  our High-Grade Protective Films there is no better place to get your vehicle protected than by us! You can protect your investment with one simple procedure of deciding to apply a paint protection film on to your vehicle. This product has many advantages, it’s a safe product that will not disappoint you.

Your vehicle could be worth a lot more when the original paint it left on the vehicle, with out touch ups or a full repaint job. Why lose money on your already great investment by keeping it unprotected and exposed to all the damages it could face while driving. Not only can this film be applied to your vehicle but it can also be applied to your headlights.

Headlights now in days are made from plastic for better durability, however the plastic over time will begin to yellow. This causes the vehicle’s appearance to degrade become less attractive. You can prevent this from happening just by trying the simple solution of Protection Film.

STOP the damage process in it’s tracks before it gets too late and you’re paying for touch up and restoring expenses. This great product could help your vehicle in a huge way this highly flexible film can make a dramatic difference on the protection to your vehicle. You can place this film on any cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. You can learn more about our services on the “Our company” page. We can let you know the great benefits of having paint protection film applied to your vehicle.

We are also specialized in restoring interior: leather, vinyl or interior plastics to “like-new”—repairing rips, scratches or burns… or even giving you a new “look!”, we can color match and dye all of it or even change the color or add some details.